Las Vegas-Based Freelance Writer Aleza Freeman

I’m a freelance writer, copywriter, article writer, content writer and [insert writing/editing-related title here]. During my prolific career, I’ve written newspaper articles, magazine articles, headlines, captions, blogs, reviews, newsletters, radio scripts, video scripts, print ads, banner ads, social media posts, research papers, website copy, greeting cards … the list goes on and on.

To put it simply, I write stuff.

Ocean dreaming, desert living

Although I’m Vegas born and bred, I honed my journalism skills in Marin County and San Francisco, working as a reporter and editor in fast-paced, deadline-driven newsrooms. My byline topped news, entertainment and feature stories on every topic imaginable (some you don’t want to imagine). I also had the exciting and enriching experience of traveling on assignment to Israel and Argentina.

Next, I returned to my desert roots in Las Vegas and worked as a page designer and news editor for a group of community newspapers. Seeing the writing on the wall for newspapers, I transitioned to (but soon fell in love with) the world of web writing. As a content writer for a Vegas travel and entertainment website, I covered Sin City from every angle (even upside down). Really. I rode every thrill ride and roller coaster in Vegas with a GoPro pointed at my face.

Copy, candy and creativity

With journalism and web writing under my belt, I jumped head-first into the world of copywriting, primarily for gaming and hospitality clients. My words still grace signage for some of the top properties on the Las Vegas Strip.

Oh, I almost forgot. At some point, my husband and I published a children’s book called Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy. It’s a quirky book of poems and drawings for kids and kids-at-heart.

Freelancin’ Freeman

For years, I drove to work in heavy traffic past a billboard that was written by none other than me. Then the billboard came down. I decided it was time to stop my daily commute and branch out on my own as a home-based freelancer. I haven’t turned back.

I’m keeping my feet on the ground, writing on a wide variety of topics for a diverse clientele. My squad includes my husband, son, a dog, two cats and the occasional spider. I enjoy gardening, cooking, shopping and binge-watching shows on Netflix and Hulu.

In addition to awards for writing and newspaper design, I’m a Distinguished Woman of Nevada. I’ve written for publications worldwide including the Jerusalem Post, Los Angeles Times, Old Liquors Magazine, Nevada Magazine, and the Conde Nast Traveler network. Publications including USA Today, Travel Weekly and‘s travel section have quoted me as a source on Las Vegas.