Aleza (Goldsmith) Freeman, Creative AF

Las Vegas-based freelance writer living each day one cup of coffee at a time

As you may have noticed, my name is Aleza and I’m a freelance writer, copywriter, article writer, content writer and [INSERT ARBITRARY WRITING-RELATED TITLE HERE]. My professional background in journalism, web writing, copywriting and editing spans almost two decades. Over the years, I’ve written newspaper articles, magazine articles, headlines, taglines, captions, blogs, reviews, newsletters, radio scripts, video scripts, print ads, banner ads, social media posts, research papers, website copy, poetry, greeting cards, keywords … blah blah blah.

To put it simply, I write stuff.

(If you’re interested in my career and professional qualifications, please check out my resume). 

Why I write

I’m pretty sure writing is part of my DNA, like the dark eye gene (brown, thank you). I wasn’t born with a silver pen in my hand or anything like that. I’m not related to a long line of famous writers and newspaper columnists, eager to hand down their scribble-filled pads and AP-Style Books. Writing, rhyming and playing with words has long been my geeky obsession nonetheless.

When I was a kid, my grandfather, Dan Owerbach wrote tons of fun rhyming stories about my siblings and me such as “Aleza Disappears,” “Micah and Aleza Meet the ‘Mench’kins” and “Some Letters for Micah,  Aleza and Jonathan,” a fun guide to the Hebrew alphabet. He wasn’t a published author. He did it all for fun. It was the pre-computer world—practically prehistoric—so the books were all hand or typewritten, hand-illustrated and spiral-bound.

Grandpa Dan was surely an influence for my kids’ book, but likely much more. I can’t remember a time growing up in Las Vegas when I wasn’t creating a written publication of sorts; a newsletter, here or a silly poem book, there. Even I have to admit, I made a great snail mail pen pal.

Bleeding ink

My first glimpse at newspaper publishing was as editor of my 5th-grade newspaper, The Tomiyasu Wallstreet Dragon. In the earlier days of high school, I gravitated toward newspaper layout, a process involving rubber cement. I made the transition to newfangled computer layout software my senior year and to HTML later on, but I don’t regret my literal cut and paste days. Rubber cement is highly underrated.

I continued this path in college and afterward, more or less paying my bills as a professional writer/editor for the past 18 years. On the path, I’ve accumulated many related skills, including reporting, page design, proofreading, copy editing, copywriting, story scheduling, social media, blogging, coding, photography and all sorts of WordPress and content management stuff. But again, see my resume.

Now with all the skills in my notebook, I’m experiencing the ins and outs of running my own business as a freelance writer. This is the best and most challenging experience I’ve had so far.

I write, therefore I am

Writing isn’t something I do just as a means to an end. It’s actually an integral part of my life, like the breathing, the Mojave Desert, implosions and shellfish allergies. I’ve been smitten since writing my first poem about a unicorn’s horn in second grade.

I write, therefore I am.

I admit it’s not my next great tagline, but I like the way it sounds.