Aleza Freeman

If my life were epitomized in one book, it would have to be the Merriam-Webster Pocket Thesaurus. It has action, it has adventures and (spoiler alert) it has antonyms. What a twist!

My name is Aleza, which is Hebrew for “happiness,” and pronounced “ah-leeeeeee-zah.” I’m an award-winning writer and editor with a background in journalism, web writing, copywriting and editing. I’m also a mom, wife, pet owner, amateur gardener and proud Las Vegas native. Go Knights Go!

I’ve followed my career in many directions including design, management and director roles, but my true passion is writing. My words have appeared on billboards and signage up and down the Las Vegas Strip and in publications worldwide. After nearly two decades of navigating deadline-driven newsrooms, advertising agencies, internet startups and creative service departments in the San Francisco Bay Area and Las Vegas, I now run my own freelance writing business.

Some people call me a word nerd. Those people are right. It’s a badge I wear on my sleeve (next to my heart, just left of my funny bone).

What I’ve written

Aleza Freeman in Nevada Magazine

My portfolio includes but is not limited to …

  • News, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Nightlife and Travel feature articles
  • Celebrity interviews and QAs
  • Hotel, restaurant, attraction, tour, shopping and spa reviews
  • Newsletters (print and email)
  • SEO-optimized website copy
  • Advertising campaign concepts
  • Print and web ads
  • Headlines, Taglines, Captions
  • Radio and video scripts
  • Billboards
  • Infographics
  • Brochures
  • Social media posts
  • Ghost-written newspaper columns for celebrities and entrepreneurs
  • Love letters
  • Ransom notes

Some of my career highlights include interviewing celebrities like Hugh Hefner, Weird Al Yankovic and Carlos Santana. I also enjoyed taking an “alien” tour to the infamous Area 51. While working as a reporter in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to travel on assignment to Israel and Argentina.

Back in Vegas, I satisfied my adrenaline junkie tendencies by rappelling Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino (while my family watched in sheer terror) and rode all the thrill rides on the Las Vegas Strip with a Go-Pro pointed at my face.

Why I write

Aleza (Goldsmith) Freeman meets Dan RatherIn fifth grade, I shocked the playground with a groundbreaking exposé on sporks as editor of my elementary school newspaper, The Tomiyasu Wallstreet Dragon. Really, though, it was in second grade when I discovered my passion for writing. I penned a silly poem about the many practical uses for a unicorn’s horn and I’ve been hooked ever since.

In addition to writing, I was also involved in theater and acting for the bulk of my childhood, teen and young adult years. I performed in plays and musicals, worked backstage, sang Soprano in school choirs, appeared in television commercials, worked on movie sets, modeled and did mime at malls.

In 5th grade, I was chosen as the stand-in for the star of a Disney television movie. For three weeks, I ran around Caesars Palace, learning from an on-set tutor and filling in before filming so the lighting and sound crew could set up each shot.  I even got to float in a raft atop the hotel’s iconic fountain.

In 6th grade, I wrote a letter about Las Vegas to legendary journalist Dan Rather, founder of the News & Guts production company. It won my family a trip to New York City to meet the then-CBS News anchorman in person. I told him I wanted to be an actress. He suggested I become a journalist.

In high school, as a member of the first graduating class of the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts, I helped launch the magnet school’s inaugural newspaper. I continued my theatrical and improv pursuits in college, even working a costumed walkaround character in the former MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park, but ultimately pursued a career in writing.

Bleeding Ink

Writing isn’t something I do just as a means to an end. It’s an integral part of my life, like breathing, implosions and shellfish allergies.

“I write, therefore I am.”

It’s probably not my next great tagline, but I like the way it sounds.