Aliens welcome at tourist attraction near Area 51

It’s not unusual to see stuff moving around in the sky out here …

Jeff Arbacauskas, tour guide

October 4, 2009—Boom, boom. The sonic boom collides with the eardrums like an explosion in the otherwise placid desert air.

“Welcome to Rachel,” says resident Ken Langley as he pulls out a fresh cigarette. “You never get used to them. But you stop jumping after awhile.”

Rachel, Nev., sits on less than half a mile of land on the south side of the Highway 375, designated the Extraterrestrial Highway in 1996. It is the town closest to Area 51, the popular name for the top secret government research, development and testing facility located within the 3-million acre Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Range – also a hotbed for conspiracy theories on alien life.

It’s lunchtime when the Adventure Photo Tours SUV pulls into the parking lot at The A’Le’Inn in Rachel and parks near a UFO parking space, alien mural and sign reading, “Earthlings Welcome.” Langley, who is standing in front of the inn smoking, says he meets more people standing at this tourist destination than he would in the Atlanta airport. …

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