Aleza Freeman

Hey, I’m Aleza. It’s pronounced ah-leeeeeeee-zah and means happiness or joy. I’m a freelance writer and editor with a background in journalism, web writing, copywriting, copy editing, page design and proofreading.

aleza freeman

"Creativity is a wild mind
and a disciplined eye."

– Dorothy Parker

I write,
therefore I am . . .

Mrs. Aleza Freeman. Formerly, Aleza Goldsmith. I’ve been called many names, tbh, but you can just call me Aleza. If my life were epitomized in a book, it would be the thesaurus. There’s action, adventure and (spoiler alert) antonyms. Such a twist.

Writing has long been my passion and my profession. I started my career as a newspaper reporter and copy editor. I’m also a copywriter, with experience at ad agencies, travel websites and resort-casino companies. My words have run in publications across the globe, on signage around the nation and amid the glowing neon of the Las Vegas Strip.


Play to your strengths
while I play with
your words.

My resume includes: News, feature & entertainment articles • Celebrity interviews & QAs • Travel, tourism & hospitality industry coverage • Newsletters (print & email) • Radio & video scripts • Ghost-written columns • Headlines • Taglines • Captions • Keywords • SEO-optimized web copy • Print & web ads • Billboards • Brochures • Direct mail • Product descriptions • Advertorials • Fundraising letters • Bios • Blogs • Reviews • TV pilots • Children’s books • Poetry • Love letters • Ransom notes


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Aleza is one of the most interesting and creative people I have ever worked with. Her brain never stops working (in good, productive ways) and she is incredibly upbeat about new projects and collaborations.
Shoshana Hebshi
Aleza is a quick thinker, a prolific and creative writer. She is equally adept in the advertising and social media arenas. Aleza is smart, funny and a pleasure to work with.
Lisa Perrelli
Senior Project Manager
Aleza was great to work with and she was a very approachable editor . . . very talented at what she does and it was a pleasure to work with and around her.
Aaron Anderson
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